Terms and Conditions

General Provisions

Our entire current and future business relationship, all our services shall proceed exclusively under the General Terms and Conditions specified hereunder. They form part of all contracts we conclude with the Customer. They also apply to all future services and quotations, even if they are not separately agreed upon.


  • Our quotations are conditional and subject to change, unless expressly specified as binding or unless they contain a specific period of acceptance. They are based on the terms in their latest version. Quotations are an estimate of charges only, and may or may not encompass all of the charges necessary to complete the testing. Robertson Microlit encourages all of its Customers to review the quotations to insure that all of the testing required is included in the quotation, including the number of samples being tested and the turnaround time requested, etc.

Sample Shipment, Reserves & Destruction

  • The Customer accepts the risk of accidental loss or destruction when shipping samples to and from Robertson Microlit.
  • The Customer is notified if samples arrive defective or broken.
  • Samples are destroyed after testing, unless the Customer specifically requests for the samples to be returned. The Customer is also responsible for shipment and return shipment costs. There are no additional fees for sample destruction, unless the Customer submits samples that greatly exceeds the sample requirements for testing.
  • There is no warranty for sample integrity after sample testing is completed.
  • The Customer is responsible for storing sample reserves and for submitting enough sample for the testing required.

Sample Paperwork & Information

  • Samples must arrive with a completed and accurate analysis request form.
  • Customers shall bear any costs associated with incorrect or incomplete information provided to Robertson Microlit.
  • There will be a sample handling fee associated with any samples that arrive without the proper paperwork or with missing or incomplete information. This might also cause a delay in testing and results.
  • Robertson Microlit is not responsible for implementing specifications. Specifications would need to be provided by the Customer, if required. Robertson Microlit does request that a range be provided on Robertson Microlit’s analysis request forms.
  • Robertson Microlit also requires requester name, company name and address, requester email, hazard information, analysis information, and range be provided on RML request forms.
  • Request forms will need to be submitted with an MSDS (if applicable) and Purchase Order or credit card information.

Cancellations & Changes

  • Customer shall bear any costs incurred in connection with later changes to testing instructions.
  • Robertson Microlit cannot guarantee requests for cancellations after samples have arrived at the laboratory.
  • Customers will be billed in full for cancellation requested after the commencement of testing.
  • Robertson Microlit cannot refund Customers for the purchases of testing supplies such as, but not limited to, columns, reagents, standards, instrumentation, detectors, glassware, etc.

Invoices & Payments

  • Invoices are generated twice per calendar month, after the completion of services. Payment terms for Robertson Microlit are NET 30, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • Robertson Microlit maintains the right to delay sample processing and testing if payment information is not provided with the sample upon receipt or if payments are overdue. Incomplete payment information or late payment could lead to delays in testing and results.
  • Interest fees at 5% will be added to all payments overdue for 30 days.

Turnaround Times

  • Turnaround times are approximate and cannot be guaranteed. Please contact Robertson Microlit with any deadlines you may have.

Liability, Indemnification & Proprietary Rights

  • The Customer shall not be entitled to compensation claims for whatever legal reasons or to compensation claims for unnecessary expenses. This exclusion of liability shall not apply to negligent or intentional injuries of life, limb or health or to grossly negligent or intentional damage to other assets. Customer’s Compensation claims for violations of important contractual duties (i.e. duties of which the fulfilment is paramount to the compliant implementation of the agreement and where the other party does and can regularly rely on compliance) shall be limited to calculable damage or to loss as per contractual provisions (i.e. damage or loss foreseen by us at the conclusion of the agreement as a possible consequence of contractual violations or damage which was known to us with appreciation of the prevailing circumstances or damage or loss which we should have known or foreseen with due care and attention).