Thermal Analysis

DSC Analysis

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) analysis measures the amount of heat energy absorbed or released by a material as it is heated, cooled or held at a constant temperature. RML is experienced in analyzing solid and liquid samples for all the following applications:

At RML, we perform DSC analyses using our own standard parameters, or with your specified parameters.

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TGA Analysis

Our thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) specialists are adept at discovering interactions with a drug substance, between drug substances, and between active substances and additives, excipients, or packaging materials.

TGA often provides more meaningful information than a loss on drying determination, which is usually carried out at a fixed temperature for a fixed time at imprecise atmospheric conditions.

This technique can frequently distinguish surface-absorbed moisture or solvent from that occluded in a crystal formation or lattice, as well as losses due to thermally-induced degradation.

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Melting Point/Melting Range

Melting Range or Melting Point is defined as those points of temperature within which, or the point at which, the first detectable liquid phase is detected to the temperature at which no solid phase is apparent. Factors influencing this phase transition include sample size, particle size, the efficiency of heat diffusion, and the rate of heating. For some materials, the melting process may be accompanied by simultaneous decomposition, which may impair the precise determination of this property.

Robertson Microlit Laboratories can determine melting range, melting point, or decomposition temperature of submitted samples either visually, or instrumentally and precisely through the interpretation of an acquired thermogram.

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