Rush and Priority Rush Services

At Robertson Microlit Laboratories, we pride ourselves on the industry-leading speed of our turnaround times.

If your project is on a particularly tight schedule, we also offer the following options for expedited service:

Rush service designation moves your sample higher in the analytical queue, and your sample submission receives scheduling attention.

Priority Rush service provides additional attention to your sample submission, and we actively collaborate with you to meet your schedule—our resources are immediately allocated to your analysis request.

Same Day/Next Day Rush service may be available for certain analytical services. Call for information and availability.

Please note that Rush, Priority Rush, and Same Day/Next Day Rush services are offered depending upon resource availability at Robertson Microlit Laboratories. Please contact us in advance of submitting your sample(s) to insure that we can meet your rush request. Although Robertson Microlit Laboratories will make every effort to meet your analysis deadlines, precise turnaround times cannot be guaranteed due to specific analytical requirements, or due to unforeseen analytical or instrumental problems.

For a quote for services, please contact us.

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