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Can you believe it? Robertson Microlit keeps moving forward and has been serving our customers since the mid- 1980’s. To date, RML is proud to be a trusted source for superior testing, while still collaborating with many of the same customers since our inception. RML serves most of the major pharmaceutical companies, as well as leaders in the chemical industry, governmental agencies, instrumentation manufacturers, Ivy League Universities, major collegiate research groups, and many more.

Even through the pandemic of 2020, Robertson Microlit continued to amaze our customers with superior services in analytical testing. RML has navigated its way through the last few months without interruption, while following local and national protocols from the CDC and WHO. RML’s customers have been thankful to receive results without a hitch during this unprecedented time.

With over 30 years as a provider of analytical services under our belt, RML is still going strong. RML began operations as Robertson Laboratory, located in Madison, NJ in 1985 focused in the areas of CHN and halogen analyses. RML was the beta test site for Perkin Elmer’s automated CHN analyzers and worked hand-in-hand in the development of these specialized instruments still in use in the industry today. Needless to say, RML’s chemists have unique expertise in the area of elemental analysis.

In 1991, RML enhanced our operations with the merger of Robertson Laboratory and Microlit Laboratory into what is now RML. The offered services expanded into the area of metals testing using atomic absorption. ICP-OES capability was added in the late 1990s, followed shortly thereafter by the addition of ICP-MS instrumentation. RML was an early provider of USP <232>/<233> elemental impurities testing and was regularly performing these analyses by the time this USP requirement was fully implemented in 2018.

In 2010, RML relocated our operations to an updated and more expansive facility in Ledgewood, NJ. The new facility has allowed RML to increase our offerings to address expanding client needs. With additional services and instrumentation, such as GC/GC-MS, HPLC, state-of-the-art DSC and TGA, you can count on RML to be your one source for characterization of your compounds.

A change in management took place in late 2019 when Vice President and Director, Dr. Robert J. Di Vincenzo, took over as President and CEO of Robertson Microlit. Dr. Di Vincenzo has played a huge role in the evolution of the laboratory over the past 20 years, and he is ready to lead the RML team with a renewed focus on meeting our client’s needs.

Robertson Microlit is also proud to announce the launch of its new website on July 1, 2020. The site is currently live, and RML is working out the final stages before completion. Please take your time in viewing the site, bear with us as we iron out the glitches, and feel free to contact RML with any questions regarding our service offerings.