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UV/VIS Spectroscopy

UV/VIS analysis is useful in determining dosage strength, in quantifying isomeric purities and in assessing chemical reaction processes.

UV analysis at Robertson Microlit consists of a routine UV-Spectrum scan from 500-200 nm, which can be further expanded into the visible range if necessary. The wavelength range of our instrumentation is 1100-190 nm.

Reports specify the respective nanometers for UV-maxima, shoulders and plateaus in absorption units (AU). If the molecular weight (MW) is provided, extinction coefficients (E) are calculated and included in the report; otherwise, values as (E1%1cm) are reported.

A standard solution of 0.5 mg compound in 50 ml spectro grade methanol is used for analysis; additional solvents are available.

When requesting Spectroscopy analyses, please use our FT-IR/UV-VIS/ROTATION Request Form.