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NIR Spectroscopy

Infrared (IR) absorption spectroscopy measures the interaction of electromagnetic radiation and the molecules, or atoms, of a chemical substance. Near-IR (or NIR) measures these interactions in the spectral range of 780 – 3000 nm. NIR is especially suitable for the qualitative determination of –OH and –NH groups, such as water in alcohol, –OH in the presence of amines, alcohols in hydrocarbons, and primary and secondary amines in the presence of tertiary amines. Samples can be analyzed in powder form or by means of reflectance techniques with a minimum of preparation. NIR may also be used to confirm matrix modifications in pharmaceutical or similar preparations, and, with proper calibration, has the potential to be used for quantitative determinations.

When requesting Spectroscopy analyses, please use our FT-IR/UV-VIS/ROTATION Request Form.