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Halogens/Sulfur Testing

Robertson Microlit Laboratories performs both ionic and organically bound halogen and sulfur determinations in pharmaceutical or chemical compounds from percent to ppm-levels on a routine basis utilizing classical wet chemistry as well as instrumental and chromatographic techniques.

Titration Methods
Total and ionic chlorine, bromine, or sulfate may be readily determined by titration. The titrimetric technique is useful for providing a rapid and accurate analysis down to approximately 0.05% utilizing 5 – 10 mg of sample. In cases where sample quantity is limited, or where other elements present in the sample might pose interference, ion chromatography should be used.

Ion Chromatography
Ion chromatography is used for the specific determination of halogens and sulfate, as well as other various anionic species analyzed at Robertson Microlit Laboratories. This technique is also particularly valuable for the determination of ions in samples where multiple species are present, where interfering elements are present thereby precluding titration, or where sample quantities are limited. Ion chromatography is useful for providing accurate analyses from percent to ppm levels utilizing 1 – 50 mg of sample, depending upon your specific requirements.

Ion-Selective Electrode Methodology
The method of choice at Robertson Microlit Laboratories for organically bound fluorine or ionic fluoride analysis is the use of an ion-selective electrode technique. This method has the advantage of specificity and accuracy from percent to ppm level determinations in a variety of pharmaceutical and chemical compounds.

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