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HPLC Analysis

High performance liquid chromatography (also referred to as high pressure liquid chromatography, HPLC, or simply LC) is one of several chromatographic separation techniques used to separate components, such as impurities or degradation products, which may be present in a particular sample. Separation of components is based on their interactions with a liquid, or mobile phase, and a solid, stationary phase contained in a packed column. Because HPLC has the potential to provide reliable quantitative analyses of a main component and its related substances or impurities in a single run, it is a popular analytical technique commonly used in the pharmaceutical, food, nutritional supplements, and chemical industries.

Robertson Microlit has the capability of running normal and reverse phase isocratic or gradient methods utilizing multi-wavelength UV/Vis spectrophotometric or diode array detection (DAD).

Feel free to contact us regarding your specific requirements or project needs. We recommend that you contact us prior to submitting samples for HPLC analysis to discuss your specific needs. When submitting samples, please use our HPLC Analysis Request Form.