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Sample Submission Requirements

On a daily basis we receive shipments from all the major couriers and delivery services. All samples should be submitted in secure top vials; glass is preferred if sample quantity is limited. Samples should be packed to prevent breakage or leakage in transit. Your samples will be returned upon request.

Please submit all samples to our shipping address: 1705 U.S. Highway 46, Suite 1D, Ledgewood, NJ 07852.

The following guide will assist in providing adequate sample for performing the requested analyses.

Analysis Minimum Sample Required *
CHN 3 mg
Halogens, S by titration 5 – 10 mg
F by ISE 5 – 10 mg
Ion Chromatography 1 – 10 mg (varies by ion)
Karl Fischer 5 – 10 mg
GC-MS call for requirements
Metals by ICP-OES % level 10 mg
Metals by ICP-OES ppm level 150 mg
Metals by ICP-MS 5 – 10 mg
Metals by AA (% level) 5 – 20 mg
Elemental Scan 25 – 50 mg
USP <232> Elemental Impurities 50 mg
Ash 10 – 15 mg
USP Residue on Ignition 1 gram
FTIR 3 mg
UV/VIS 2 mg
Polarimetry 20 mg (variable; contact department for details)
Solubility Study call for requirements
DSC 10 mg
TGA 10 mg
Melting Point 5 mg
pKa/Log P/ Log D 20 mg

*These are general requirements; please contact us for specific sample requirements or if you have limited sample.